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Гуппа: Ди-Бронкс и Натали

Название песни: Fight 2 Right

Продолжительность mp3: 04:08

Добавлен: 2014-12-27

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Текст песни:

The party club is open,
Feel the crowd is burn inside.
The bodies movin' and groovin'
In a flashing light..
The beat is pumpin' you're jumpin'
DJ turn the volume up.
The world party start,
It never ever want to stop.
In the world party zone
United the whole world,
C'mon and free the heat,
Get loose in this energy full.
I'll make you sweat, I'll make weat-
There is i've got to get..
Relax, you now in party zone,
Tonight this words are great..

Your gotta Fight to right,
And every single day
I'll bring you light.
We don't need no more fight,
But if there isn't other way-
Hold on the right.

Hold on the right,
You gotta fight 2 right.
Fight, no more fight,
No, no more fight.

Hey, people, move this planet
Into fantasy land.
Lets wake the world,
Cryes and lies will come to the end.
Feel the sound of future,
Rise up your heads and hands,
Step into the party zone-
Now all we're friends.
And the last what i say
To everyone: No More Fight,
Lets make the world of love,
Try to live in peace and right.
The new crazy music style
Break down all the walls,
From voice to voice, here is your choice,
Techno madness rolls.

Di Bronx & Natali - fight 2 right

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