Ди Бронкс и Натали - World Of X-T-C mp3 320kbps

Ди Бронкс и Натали World of X T C 1996, TB6, VHSRip] в качестве hd 720 смотреть быстро и удобно

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Гуппа: Ди Бронкс и Натали

Название песни: World Of X-T-C

Продолжительность mp3: 04:56

Добавлен: 2014-08-20

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Текст песни:

Music with no limitation,
D-Bronxx is a new sensation.
Sound get deep in your heart,
Open your mind and start.
Groove give you order to move,
Get to the dance floor and try to improve.
Change your style from 'A' to 'Z',
And take me to the world of X-T-C.

It's the world of X-T-C
Music for you and me,
We're ready to dance
In ecstatic trance.
It's the world of X-T-C
We're together and free.
Love will take us away
Till the dawn of next day.

Dive in dreams of love,
Now we're can get enough.

It's the world of X-T-C,

Everything seems all right,
Feel the heat of the night.

Dance, start to romance,
I wanna feel you, feel the trance,
Power give you one more hour
Of the raving techno shower.
Swing-get high your fling,
Tonight your queen, I'm a king.
Close your eyes, take fantasy
And show me magic world of X-T-C.

Ди Бронкс и Натали World of X T C 1996, TB6, VHSRip]

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